RudraForumz Rules [updated on 12 May 2008]

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RudraForumz Rules [updated on 12 May 2008]

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 22, 2008 10:37 pm

General Rules

*Don't CRAP at the forum. Explicit, vulgar language, drug talk, nudity, porn and so forth is not allowed.

*Do not mini-mod. We'd like to encourage and thank members to use the report button but not add their own criticism.

*Speak with the universal language. All publicly displayed messages are limited to English only. This includes posts, titles, signatures, profiles, other forms of public display.
*Obey the rules. Members who disobey the rules will be warned or banned depending on what the moderator believes is the appropriate punishment.

*Use low-consuming size Signatures. Signatures can only be 100KB or less in total file size.

*Request at the right section. Like I said, don't crap at the forum. Post requests at the request forum.

Posting Rules

*All topics must contain a full description.

*Treat others positively and with respect. Flaming other members or other forums will lead to a warning, possibly even a ban.

*Topic titles must be descriptive.


A good example is "Help needed with game".

A bad example is "HEEEEELP!".

*All links must be coded - including internal links

{code}Link placed inside here{/code}
Replace {} with [] to activate it.

Link placed inside here

*Removal of moderated messages is not allowed.

*The use of unusual presentation methods within topic titles and descriptions with the intent to gain attention is not allowed.

Examples and exceptions:

Not allowed:
Words/phrases such as but not limited to:
**** MUST HAVE****, L@@K, LATEST, NEWEST, LOOK HERE, *Newest Version*
or other words along these lines including symbols.

Scene release title created by the release group may include caps and periods.
Use of hyphen between words such as music titles.

Spam Rules

*If you choose to post a link it should benefit everyone and must not be a site of the following categories:
Web hosting. Referrals. Affiliation. Warez forums. Sites that require registration, subscription or a fee to access. Links within posts that links to a 3rd party in order to gain access the content (eg Link protectors).

*Excessive posting of similar messages to increase post count is not allowed.
You may not have links advertising other websites within your signature.
The following one-liner messages are classified as spam:

Avatars and Signatures

All rules apply to avatars and signatures.
The total maximum dimensions for images/text in a signature is 500px (width) by 200px (height) horizontally only.
Signatures can only be 100KB or less in total file size.

Explicit Guidelines

*Sticky Requests: Please do not request a post to be stickied. If there is room to sticky an exceptional post we will do so. Topics which use a poll to petition a sticky are not allowed.

*Asking any staff member if you can be a part of the staff will hinder your chance of ever becoming one. The same applies for VIP as well.

*All forum rules apply to each members profile, no referrers, no porn links, no warez forums.

*You must have a post count of at least 10 to request.

Privacy Policy

Our aim is to respect and protect your private life. As a result of this we would like you to know that if you are quoted in an article or if you appear in a photograph or picture, and you feel that this is infringing on your private life then we ask you to contact us immediately and we will do our best to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

We also guarantee you that we will never release at any time any private information regarding your e-mail address, IP address or any personal information you provide to us to any outside authority or source, including professionals and individual.
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